Polish citizenship

Support lawyer at this point is fundamental. He checks step by step possibilities and formal conditions of your case. He is handling the case, contact with the authorities, applies and appeals. Gathering relevant documents is the key to success.

In the following order we perform the following steps:

  1. Check Polish Legislation to qualify you for the confirmation of Polish citizenship by descent.
  2. Make archival query to find necessary documents (after 1920)
  3. Certified translation to Polish by by a Polish Sworn Translat
  4. Formal applying to take citizenship confirmation.
  5. Finishing formal steps (taking civil register act, giving a personal number (PESEL)
  6. Receiving a Polish European Passport.

To obtain citizenship need any of these documents:

  1. one document showing your father’s Polish citizenship, such as: Polish ID, Polish passport,
  2. documents from the Polish Army,
  3. population census,
  4. entry in the voter list,
  5. entry in the conscript list,
  6. notarial deed confirming the possession of property,
  7. certificate about holding public office,
  8. other documents issued by the Polish government.

Receive Polish Citizenship

Our layer will be able to tell if your documents are complete and what else we need to apply for citizenship.