Origin Trips

Do you want to see there lives your ancestors? Would you like to feel this place? Do you want to touch the grave of my great-grandfather? Hear the voice of the living ancestor? See if you are like you? Feel Poland?

Our service consist of:

  • Meeting with you online or phone, skype, viber etc. to to discuss details of your trip.
  • Preparing an individual itinerary agreed with you. (including archives, ancestors place, cemeteries, local attractions, skansens)
  • Meeting with local authirities (living relatives, priests, officers)
  • Read and translate old records in Polish, Latin, Russian and German
  • Organize everything and accompany all the time or just support you in traveling to one place.
  • Getting to places inaccessible to ordinary cars.
  • Support guides speak fluent English, Ukriane, Russian

Why just not in territory of Poland? Because after 1945 lot polish provinces  (Lwów, Tarnopol, Stanisławów, Brześć, Wilno) was taken over by the Soviet Union and now they are in territory of Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania.

I want arrive to Poland

Poland is a safe and very interesting country. Write to inquire for details.