Genealogical research

Polish documents of origin was located in hundreds state, church and private archives in Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania. Finding act of born, marriage or death needs lot requires a lot of commitment. This is our specialty.
We make complete genealogical research that includes:

  • Verification of your documents.  Finding places that was connected with your neighbors and their territorial affiliation.
  • Individual offer. Detailed plan of research.
  • Realization of genealogical inquiry.
  • Preparing of final report.
  • Upon request, prepare the family tree discovered person.
  • Shipment authenticated or/and digital copies of documents.

In our research we rely on:

  1. Metrical books
  2. Lists of inhabitants
  3. Voting documents
  4. Court or military documents
  5. Civil Registration Offices registries
  6. Chronicles of parishes
  7. Graves and cemeteries registries


Genealogy is our passion and work. Every day we travel and make research in Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania and Belarus.To start we need just: 1 surname, 1 date and 1 place. Results may surpass your expectations