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Send us the name, date and place of birth, marriage and death for the searched person who have Polish ancestry. The more details you give, the easier and faster will find them. Information about only one person + one + place one + one yearbook frequently allow to find the whole extended family.
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We check where are interesting you documents and information’s. That has an impact on the valuation. We provide free consultation on the documents sent by you. We send you costs of genealogical research.

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We go and search all the places where it may be intesting you information. The process of the research execute after the advance payment of 1/3 of the amount of research.


You heard from grandfather that your family came from Poland? Sometimes you heard ‘Cześć’ or ‘Dzień Dobry’? In the family debates scrolled up stories about distant unknown country “Poland”? The country of your ancestors?
You would probably unravel the secrets of the past and and find out who are your ancestors? Where they lived and what they did. As they said and how they looked…
You’re in a good place to start! Polish Ancestry Co. is a team of: legal professionals, historians, archivists and genealogists, who specialize in genealogical, forensic, and family history research. Our experience has been gained through 10 years practice. At that time we learned how and where we could make genealogical research in Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania and Belarus.
We serve clients worldwide who have Polish family ties, Polish roots and they want to come and see their Polish origins during trips.

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You have a document that you can not read? Handwritten or typewrite? Cyrillic or in Latin? Polish, Ukrainian, Russian or Lithuanian? We now all this languages. read more

Polish (EU) citizenship

Polish (EU) citizenship

We help in acquiring Polish or Lithuanian Citizenship. Our layer will guide you through the process of formal and legal issues in obtaining relevant documents. We could approve Polish or Lithuanian origin and nationality of your ancestors so you might get the citizenship. We do a whole: 1) complete and deliver to the office documents, 2) correspondent with the office, 3) handle all the paperwork. We only need your authorization to START. READ MORE



Genealogy is our passion. We now the Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian, so easily research on territory of all countries from Baltic Sea to Black Sea. Most frequently we are looking for acts of birth, marriage and death. Also often we make research on documents that contain personal information: list of residents, lists of voters, cemetery records, list of solders and officers. Some of the documents is readily available. Part requires a lot of effort to reach them. Each case is individual. We can go to any most inaccessible place in order to achieve the aim - to find your ANCESTORS. READ MORE

Genetic Ancestry

Genetic Ancestry

Is your relative in Poland is really a relative of yours? You want to check it? Do you want to find him and compare your DNA? READ MORE

Origin Trips

Origin Trips

I've heard so much about country of your ancestors and never been there? Now it's time to change! Travelling in Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia and western Ukraine are fully secure and predictable. How much incredible moment you feel when you touch places where your ancestors lived, how looked like their daily lives. By the way, you'll see an interesting and unique material culture of Eastern and Central Europe. We specialize in organizing individual (max 10 persons) ORIGIN TRIPS. The program is customized to the local sights and attractions that you can see some. We know English and all local languages in so you can feel SAFE! Write to us to arrange details of arrival. READ MORE

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