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Send us the name, date and place of birth, marriage and death for the searched person who have Polish ancestry. The more details you give, the easier and faster will find them. Information about only one person + one + place one + one yearbook frequently allow to find the whole extended family.

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We check where are interesting you documents and information’s. That has an impact on the valuation. We provide free consultation on the documents sent by you. We send you costs of genealogical research.

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We go and search all the places where it may be intesting you information. The process of the research execute after the advance payment of 1/3 of the amount of research.

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Discovered information and documents we sent you by post, e-mail or pass on the meeting. We issue receipts or invoices.

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Genealogical research

Polish documents of origin was located in hundreds state, church and private archives in Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania. Finding act of born, marriage or death needs lot requires a lot of commitment. This is our specialty.
We make complete genealogical research that includes:


Your Ancestry Tours

Do you want to see there lives your ancestors? Would you like to feel this place? Do you want to touch the grave of my great-grandfather? Hear the voice of the living ancestor? See if you are like you? Feel Poland? (more…)

Polish citizenship

Support lawyer at this point is fundamental. He checks step by step possibilities and formal conditions of your case. He is handling the case, contact with the authorities, applies and appeals. Gathering relevant documents is the key to success.


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What else we provide?

Genetic Ancestry (DNA)

Is your relative in Poland is really a relative of yours? You want to check it?  Do you want to find him and compare your DNA?


Translation and transcription

You have a document that you can not read? Handwritten or typewritte? Cyrillic or in Latin? Magnifier and experience help us in this area.


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Genealogical projects
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What our clients say

I absolutely approve with my highest rating. Artur was able to not only translate portions others were stymied with but Artur also added footnotes that I feel will aid me in furthering my research on these individuals.

Robert Gerle Sr (Colorado, USA)

Artur did such an amazing job in retrieving my record and I am so thankful that he was able to do the job. I have been trying to get this record of my German ancestor that was kept in an archive over in Poland and have never had any luck. It was such an easy process and he charged a very affordable price. I’ve tried getting records directly from the archives and I have never had success. If you need a record from over in that area of the world, I would definitely start by asking Artur. Very satisfied!

Bradley Pierson (Alberta, Canada)

First of all I wanted to thank you for the speed and the rate. The most important that I complete all line of Janecki. I wish you further success and all the best.

Sara Mrozinski (La Porte, USA)

I was just scraps. My great-great grandfather went with Napoleon to Moscow, then wounded fell in love with Polish noblewoman. In addition to this he came from the French nobility. This legend passed down from generation to generation was made me firmly in mind. Legend has ceased to be a myth, at the time when found facts in the chronicle of the parish. Thank you so much behalf of all cousin. Our nearest congress is unusual!

Eve O’Donnell (Syracuse, New York, USA)

Finally it became clear why the grandfather never about spoke about this. Being an illegitimate child in two generations is problematic topic. Thank you. I find it easier now to understand his attitude…

James Kalichak (Noonamah, Australia)

One “l” or two “ll” for my surname have meaning. You confirmed my suspicions and hopes. Once again, thank you for your help.

NN. Radziwiłł (Western Hemisphere 🙂

Type of documents that we can find

Where and what we research?

Documents about polish ancestry was located in hundreds state, church and private archives in Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania. Finding act of born, marriage or death needs lot requires a lot of commitment. This is our specialty. Our services are focused on such places and types of documents:

  • Metrical books
  • Lists of inhabitants
  • Voting documents
  • Court or military documents
  • Civil Registration Offices registries
  • Chronicles of parishes
  • Graves and cemeteries registries

About us

You heard from grandfather that your family came from Poland? Sometimes you heard 'Cześć' or 'Dzień Dobry'? In the family debates scrolled up stories about distant unknown country "Poland"? The country of your ancestors?
You would probably unravel the secrets of the past and and find out who are your ancestors? Where they lived and what they did. As they said and how they looked...
You're in a good place to start! Polish Ancestry Co. is a team of: legal professionals, historians, archivists and genealogists, who specialize in genealogical, forensic, and family history research. Our experience has been gained through 10 years practice. At that time we learned how and where we could make genealogical research in Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania and Belarus.
We serve clients worldwide who have Polish family ties, Polish roots and they want to come and see their Polish origins during trips.

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